Below are links for some of my genealogy information, for my family and my husband's family, and photos and other information on the family. In the Genealogy Database, there are some pieces of information that are not fully confirmed, or that may be conjecture.  I have tried to note these.  

If you want corrections or if you have additional information, email me at   I enjoy corresponding with cousins of all degrees.   Although the online database only contains names for living individuals,  I do have more information on them in my database, just not online.

Information I would love to receive about family:  In addition to the basic Birth/Marriage/Death/Burial information, it would be ideal to have education and career information,  personal memories and stories, church affiliation, talents and interests.

Don't miss the photos below the Table of Contents.


Tilley Pearsall Genealogy Database
       Pearsall, Ferris,
       Pratt, Crane, Mason, Herrick,
       Holly, Webb, McQueen,
       Guernsey, Mead,
       and other affiliated families.

This database includes birth, death, marriage, burial, anecdotes, etc., and links to photos and exhibits, depending on what is available for the person.  Data on living people is limited, in keeping with the generally accepted practice of excluding personal details on living people on genealogy websites. 

Also included are PHOTO GALLERIES for the various families.  The photo galleries are in process, and I am adding more photos as I have time.  I have so many photos to scan, sharpen, resize, and add to my database, and it is a time-consuming task, so photos will be added on an on-going basis.


Kilpatrick Genealogy Database

I have not entered very much on my husband's side, and I hope to enter more as time permits.

Genetic Testing:

I am group administrator for the Holly/Holley project on Family Tree DNA, where a 4th cousin took a Y-DNA test for our Holly line (kit 51894 on the chart).  Y-DNA is passed from father to son to son, and associates with the surname for the male line. 

My mother and I have also taken autosomal DNA tests, called Family Finder at Family Tree DNA.  This test matches participants to cousins up to about 6th cousins.  It is an excellent test and I would love for more family members to take it.  The more different sides of the family who take it, the easier it is to narrow down and identify common ancestors with matches.  Mom and I have over 2000 matches.  I started contacting matches in early 2017.  It is very interesting, and if anyone wants to get involved, I would be glad to help you work with it.
Family Historian Tributes
  • Milton Popple Tilley (1882-1981)
  • David Brown Tilley  (1928-1989)
  • Mason Delano Pratt (1865-1947)

These three people have contributed a huge percentage of my information.  Two of them I knew but unfortunately never discussed genealogy with.  The third I never knew, he died the year I was born.  But I am lucky to have material from them, especially my Uncle David.  They are with me all the time as I work on these pages.

Additional Photo Pages




Family Group Sheets

I would LOVE to have your data.  Print out this Family Group Sheet and fill it in and mail it to me, and I will add the data to my database.  (Most data on living people is not displayed in the online database.)

Nice picture of our seniors and betters :-), l. to r. Linda and Winnie, June 2012, at Debby's farm in Mt. Bethel, taken by Anna Pearsall:

Joan Heller sent me this photo taken in May 1977 on the front steps of 112 Ferris Place, Westfield, NJ:  Grampa Chet (Chester Burdick Pearsall)  with his youngest sisters, left to right:  Virginia (1898-1993), Helen (1896-1993), Chet (1888-1983), Katharine (1892-1979), Eleanor (1900-1982).  Joan says that this was the last time all five of them were together.   Click on the photo and you will get a closeup.

  • 1889 Westfield Pearsall Family Reunion This photo will open in a new window. You can maximize the window by clicking the maximize button in the upper left of the new window. Then you can get an even larger closeup by clicking on the enlarger icon with the four blue arrows in the lower left of the photo. Embree Crescent, Westfield, NJ. I think this is 1889 because Chester is a baby (held by his father) and he was born 26 Aug 1888. Left to right: Mary Ferris Pearsall with James Ferris Pearsall standing in front of her. Edgar Randolph Pearsall holder Chester Burdick Pearsall (my grandfather). Roy Embree, Carrie White, Fred Burdick, Julia Pearsall Burdick, Matilda Pearsall Embree, Edward L. Embree behind Malilda, Bert Pearsall looking off to the right, Alfred Everson Pearsall, Clifford Pearsall, Ruth Pearsall (little girl with her head cocked), Ralph Pearsall, Leigh Pearsall, Jessie Burdick, Edgar Fitch holding lapel, Allen Fitch, Mabel Fitch. Front row, left to right: Starting with the girl in the little chair, Ethel Pearsall, Embree White, Phineas Carman Pearsall, the three children on the blanket: Harriet Wheelock Pearsall, Lawrence Embree, Ferris Randolph Pearsall. Pauline Embree (little girl in white next to Phineas) Catherine Morgan Pearsall, Chester Burdick holding Rollin Pearsall White, Lucy Fitch in little chair, Lavinia Pearsall Fitch, Bessie Fitch.

BELOW: Speaking of resemblances, how about these two?  Harriett Pearsall from 1889 and Hannah Pearsall Heller from 2005.  I enlarged both of them from group pictures.


BELOW: Essie Tilley Phillips on the left and Winifred Tilley Pearsall on the right --Essie was Winnie's aunt. I think there is a family resemblance, don't you? Essie's photo is from about 1921, and Winnie's from the 1940's.

BELOW: Margaret McQueen's sampler from 1826.  The first name, in white, is James McQueen, her father, and the name after David Mitchell in white is Margaret Mitchell, her maternal grandmother (Margaret Cumming Mitchell).  Her mother is Elizabeth, and Donald and Jannet (McPhail) McQueen were her paternal grandparents.  Photo by Anna Warga, her great-great-great grandaughter.

If you click on the sampler, it will open larger in another window.  You can maximize the new window by clicking the maximize button in the upper left of the new window. If you click the enlarger icon with four blue arrows in the lower left corner of the sampler,  you will get an even larger closeup.