Auður’s Hera, better known as Gingersnap
Feb 11, 2010 to Oct 22, 2013
 Shot and killed

Ginger was shot by Clayton Rutt who owns the property next to us.  He said she got into his chickens.
I just picked up the police report and it says the officer saw one chicken dead and two injured, and
that there may have been more injured chickens who flew into the woods.  We would have been more
than glad to fully compensate 5 or 10 or 100 chickens to have our girl alive.  The report says that
after he put 2 bullets into Ginger, she "lunged towards him aggressively" and he hit her over the
head with his rifle and she died.  Since Ginger was not at all aggressive to people, and since she
was undoubtedly in shock from two bullet holes in her, I wonder if she was running to the humans in
desperation for help.  I will always believe that there were other ways to get this situation under
control than killing Ginger.  I fully support the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, but I can't equate
five chickens with Ginger.  Obviously, not all agree.  When I said that I loved Ginger, he answered,
"And I love my chickens and the eggs I eat from them."  At that point I left and went home, since
I was so angry I could only call him abusive names and voice my anger. 

None of our dogs had ever been over on his property or bothered his chickens. 
Ginger had a tag with our phone number on it.
We have lived here for 25 years, and Clayton has known us all that time.
We have always been good neighbors.
Mert was calling her frantically and blowing the whistle in the next field, which
Clayton heard after he had killed her.  So sad that he did not hear it beforehand.

My heart is broken at the loss of my little girl, imported from Canada, whom I have
trained and loved and shown for years.

Ginger, Ginger, I am crying for you and for me.

Auður’s Hera was bred by Auður Valsdóttir, T.K. Icelandics.