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Icetoberfest October 2014:  Left to right, Susan and Mike Stoloff with Fríða, Mert with Annie, Jim and Jeanne Pitz with Thorvi, me holding Gryla's leash (Truffle's mother), Elaine Mozur, Truffle's breeder, with Truffle in front of her, and Susan Hartman, Roskur's breeder with Roskur and Soley, Roskur's mother.

AKC GCH, CH Frostfyre's Röskur TDI, CGC
completed his career winning BISS
at the ISAA National Specialty in
Massachusetts from the Veteran's class.
Frostfyre's Roskur

 Dam:  Runestone Truffle CGC, TDI, RE

Runestone Truffle
Puppies born 19 Sep 2011
4 girls and 1 boy

Roskur's pedigree

Info on litter from old Wordpress blog
All puppies are now in their new homes.  Click on their names for photos as they grow.  Scroll below for litter pictures.

Stonecrop Anja
Stonecrop Sæla
Stonecrop Thorvald Karamellu
Stonecrop Fríða
Stonecrop Emma

ISAA Litter Listing

Puppy Training Ideas and Games
The whole puppy experience was amazing, and I was lucky not to run into health problems, and I had help from many others, including especially our friend and expert Tom Flaherty, and my sister Debby, and the gang at Mt Bethel Animal Hospital, and Elaine Mozur (Truffle's breeder) and Susan Hartman (Roskur's breeder).   Many others helped with generous advice and steered buyers my way, including Jo-Ann Secondino (owner of Truffle's father) and Loren Dribinsky.  My thanks to all.




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Week 4 Videos
Week 4 Additional Photos
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7 Week Videos
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