Photos from trip to Aunt Linda's
These photos were taken of old photos, mainly for reference to help us remember people as we are researching. With a better setup to eliminate glare, most photos would be able to be photographed quite well if they don't have a glass. These were taken without any real setup, propped up on a pillow in a chair.

These are all photos associated with Grannie's family, Winifred Lulu Holly, daughter of Newman Alexander Holly (William Henry Holly and Margaret McQueen) and Annie Maria Guernsey (Solomon S. Guernsey and Elizabeth Mead). For more information on these people, see the genealogy website pages.

Above: Solomon Seekins Guernsey, 5th of 13 children of Ezra Garnsey, Jr and Lanah Bennett. Born 7 Dec 1810, died 4 Sep 1886, Greenwich, CT. Carpenter. Right: Ezra Garnsey, Jr, born 12 Apr 1780, died between 1850-1855. Married Lanah Bennett 31 Jul 1803. Shoemaker.

This is probably also Solomon Seekins Guernsey, but not definitely identified.

Solomon's wife Elizabeth Jane Mead, daughter of Selah Mead and Sarah Wilson. Born 4 Mar 1817, died 18 Aug 1900 Greenwich, CT.

Selah Washburn Guernsey, oldest son of Solomon Guernsey and Elizabeth Mead Guernsey, b. 25 Jan 1834, d. 15 Oct 1925, Port Chester, NY. Carpenter.

Ida Guernsey Peters, oldest daughter of Selah and Mary Ann Whittemore Guernsey, 1859-1915

Sarah Jane Guernsey Waters (2nd child of Solomon and Elizabeth Jane, married (1) Joseph A. Peck, (2) James Waters), Emma Jane Peck Smith, Florence Louise Smith Little, and Anabel Grace Little.

Marion Selleck. Related somehow to Sabrina Mead Selleck Wooley, details not known yet.

Margaret McQueen, born approximately 1818, Scotland, probably near Burghead, Moray shire. Emigrated to the US, date not yet known, married William Henry Holly about 1846-7. Died 13 May 1886, Port Chester, NY. The youngest photo, on the left above, is not positively identified as Margaret.

Emma Louise Holly Merritt, 2nd child of William Holly and Margaret McQueen. Born 1851, we don't have her death date at this time. Married John A. Merritt, had Jessie and Edwin.

William Webb Holly, third child of William Henry Holly, b. 1853, died 30 Oct 1932, Port Chester, NY. Above right, William Webb and his brother Madison. Right, Edna and Fred Holly, William Webb's children of his first marriage, wife not known at this time. Probably in Norwalk, CT, between 1880 and 1900. Further information about Edna and Fred not known at this time.

Tom Edwards, around time of Civil War, son of Elizabeth Holly Edwards. Tom was born about 1843. At this time, we think Elizabeth Holly was William Henry Holly's sister. They lived next door in 1860 in Greenwich, very near the Byram River in the East Port Chester area. You can see W. Holly on the maps below, which are from 1856.