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Runestone Truffle, CGC, AKC RE, WCS RL1 AOE, RL2 AOE, RL3 AOE, CDSP CD-C, CDX-C

Truffle was born 20 Sep 2007.

AKC DN19286601

Her breeder is Elaine Mozur, Runestone Icelandics

Truffle's first litter, September 2011

Truffle was bred in July 2011 to GCH Frostfyre's Roskur, and had 5 healthy puppies with the most delightful temperaments. 
See many pictures and videos on the litter page, and see growing-up pictures on each puppy's individual page.

Truffle's Second Litter, June 2013

Truffle was bred to Lagsi frá Olafsfjördur who lives in the Netherlands with
Theo and Helma van Rijswijk and their other Icies at frá Olafsfjördur Icelandic Sheepdogs.

This breeding was a surgical implantation of frozen semen. 

Lagsi's father's line (Icetops Samur) is not represented in the United States, and includes an "O" line dog, Skessu Salka, who is less-used. 

She had 6 puppies 6/23/2013, 2 girls and 4 boys.
Go to the litter webpage for the webpages of the puppies as they grow.


Truffle's parents

Sire:  AKC/UKC CH Isi Kaffisukkolathi
Fox Meadow Croft


Dam: Aldebaran Gryla
Runestone Icelandics


Truffle's pedigree

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Truffle is always alert. She notices everything new.  She takes her job of watching her property seriously. 
If anything changes, she brings it to our attention.  She never seems tired.  She's always ready to go.

Truffle's Health Information

Truffle has had her hips, elbows and eyes tested and certified normal.

Her data is published on the OFA website here.

  • HIPS:  OFA "Good", 8 Dec 2009

  • ELBOWS: Normal, 8 Dec 2009

  • CERF Eye Tests Clear:
    • 15 Nov 2007
    • 19 Apr 2009
    • 25 Jan 2010
    • 17 Apr 2011
    • 19 Apr 2012
    • 21 Apr 2013

  • She has contributed DNA to the CHIC DNA Repository

  • She participated in the on-going cataract study to identify genetic markers for cataracts in Icelandic Sheepdogs by the Animal Health Trust in the UK, in collaboration with Helsinki University in Finland. This is very important because it will enable us to identify carriers, which will allow us to expand the gene pool.

  • Microchip # Avid 107 820 121

Truffle is listed on the ISAA approved breeders page.

Color and Markings

Truffle is a tan sable and white dog with black markings, with a medium length coat. Here is a picture showing
the sabling on her back. Her coat varies during the year, sometimes showing more sabling, sometimes lighter.


Shows and Titles

Truffle passed her CGC/TDI test at the Icelandic Sheepdog gathering in Altoona, PA in August 2008.

She earned her AKC Rally Novice title in three shows in August and September, 2010, with scores of 96, 99, and 96. The first 96 should have been a 99, but Mom lost 3 points for exiting the ring on the wrong side of the Finish sign.

AKC Rally Novice Title:
  • 8/1/10, Williamsport DTC, Bloomsburg, PA, 96
  • 9/18/10, Lehigh Valley KC, Macungie, PA, 99, 4th place
  • 9/19/10, Berks County KC, Macungie, PA, 96, 2nd place

AKC Rally Advanced (off leash) Title:

  • 11/6/10, Back Mountain KC, Bloomsburg, PA, 98, 2nd place
  • 11/7/10, Back Mountain KC, Bloomsburg, PA, 97, 2nd place
  • 3/27/11, Lower Camden County DTC, Hatfield, PA,85, 4th place

AKC Rally Excellent Title:

  • Truffle earned her AKC Rally Excellent title with two legs at the Kentuckiana Cluster in March, 2012, and her third leg at Allentown Dog Training Club on May5, 2012. Her scores weren't very good. Part of the reason was not having been to shows since March of 2011, due to having puppies, and not being used to the show environment. Kentuckiana is huge and noisy and was sort of overwhelming to her. She NQ'd the first day, got 180 the second day and 189.5 the third day, so she was adapting. Her third leg was outdoors, and reminded me that I need to practice outdoors more!

CDSP Novice Title:

  • PMDT Trial, 5/5/2012, Novice B, AM, 189.5.  PM - don't know score, Q.
  • Let's Speak Dog Trial, Natalie Lamming, 193.5.  Mom lost 3 points for extra cue, due to not understanding the rules correctly.

CDSP Open Title:

  • 3/6/13, Let's Speak Dog, Open A, 191.5, 2nd place, R. Hall judge, 1st leg
  • 10/9/13, Let's Speak Dog, Open A, 186.5, 1st place, R. Hall judge, 2nd leg

WCS Rally Level 1:

  • 9/22/12:   score 205, 3rd place
  • 10/7/12:   score 199
  • 10/27/12:  1A: score 199, 2nd place.  1B:  score 203.  Completed title.   

WCS Rally Level 2:

  • 2/23/13: AM:  1st Place, score 210  PM:  1st Place, score 209
  • 5/11/13:  Score, 210, 2nd place, completed title

WCS Rally Level 3:

  • 12/21/13: 1st Place, score 209, 1st Leg.

Truffle's first litter

Truffle was bred in July 2011 to GCH Frostfyre's Roskur, and had 5 healthy puppies with the most delightful temperaments. 
See many pictures and videos on the litter page, and see growing-up pictures on each puppy's individual page.