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Nordic Gold Áræðinn Vallari

Nordic Gold Áræðinn Vallari joined our family in June 2015.  He was bred by Hubert and Ute Beckmann of Waltrop, Germany, breeding with the kennel name Nordic Gold.  I co-own him with Jo-Ann Secondino, Fox Meadow Icelandics,  and Elaine Mozur,  Runestone Icelandics.   Valli was born April 18, 2015.

Eight Months:

7 months:

Valli at 6 months

Jo-Ann traveled to Germany to pick up Valli, and met up with some other
breeders and Icie owners for a get-together at Elke Landrock-Bill's.

Valli's father, Rögnir, called Hetjan, is an International conformation
Champion and has attained his level 3 Obedience title in Denmark
with his owner and trainer, Connie Knebel.

He was recognized by the Danish Islandsk Fårehundeklub
as Dog of the Year 2015 for both conformation and Level 3 Obedience:

His mother, Ástvinur Jóra Hrafnhetta, was bred by Ulrika Gunnarsson in Sweden, Ástvinur Kennels

See more about Jóra here.

Valli's pedigree, annotated to show related dogs in the US.

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