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Videos of our dogs

For videos of Truffle's first litter, click here.

On April 11, 2015, Stonecrop Rebbi and Stonecrop Thorvi both earned their ATBA Herding Instinct Certificates.  Here is some video from Rebbi's test:

Here is some video from Thorvi's test:

Icelandic Sheepdogs LOVE to bark!

Annie and Nova's Herding Instinct Tests:  on 11/19/14, the ISAA sponsored a Herding Trial in conjunction with our National Specialty.  Both Annie and Novice entered the AM and PM herding instinct tests.  In order to earn the Herding Instinct certificate, the dog must qualify in two tests, under two different judges.  Both Annie and Nova earned their certificates on 11/19.  Nova turned on to the sheep faster than Annie -- maybe she is a little bolder, or maybe Annie's obedience training made her keep watching me for instructions more, or both.  They are both awesome little dogs!

Annie: AM

Annie:  PM

Nova:  AM

Nova: PM

Sam demonstrating the tricks he did for his Novice Trick Dog title for

Truffle demonstrating how to bring in the Treibball balls, May 2013:

See video of our October 2012 visit to Fríða on her page.

Anna (our niece from Texas) and her dog Brody came to visit.  Brody has the nicest temperament you ever saw, and he is wonderful with the explosive Icies.  And they are teaching him to run and bark at everything.

Visit, May 2012, to see Thorvald.  We took Annie and mommy Truffle.  Annie and Thorvald are eight months old here.  Thorvi is bigger, but sometimes it's hard to tell who you are looking at.  Thorvi has the orange collar and Annie has a blue one.  Annie has a little bit darker muzzle.  We had a wonderful time.

Annie and Ginger wrestling and playing.

Annie and Ginger having a great time dragging some plastic tubs around the yard.

Here is a video of Ginger playing with a Gingerbread House that Elaine sent.

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