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Annie and Truffle both finished their World Cynosport (WCR)
Rally ARCH titles on 3/28/15,
Annie with a First and Second (both 210's) and
Truffle with a First and Third (210 and 206).

In November 2014, Annie and I participated in the ISAA National
Specialty in West Springfield, MA.  Annie didn't win in the conformation
ring, but she showed very nicely, and we had a good time.

ISAA National Specialty, November 2014

CH Stonecrop Anja ("Annie") completed her
AKC Beginner Novice title on 11/21/14, at Windham County KC,
West Springfield, MA, the weekend of the Icelandic Sheepdog
National Specialty.  She also got her first two Advanced Rally legs,
with 2nd and 4th in the A class, on that weekend.

The ISAA club sponsored a Herding Trial during the National
Specialty, and Annie passed two Herding Instinct tests, under
two judges, for her HIT certificate.

She completed her Advanced Rally title on 12/12/14, at
Lehigh Valley Kennel Club, Pat Fallon, Judge, with
2nd place in the A class.

Stonecrop Anja ("Annie") finished her AKC Championship over the Icetoberfest weekend, Oct. 10 - 12, 2014,
at the Autumn Classic shows, West Friendship, Maryland.
Friday, Oct. 10, Catonsville KC, WB, Judge Dana Cline, 1 point
Saturday, Oct. 11, Catonsville KC, BOW, Judge Pat Hastings, 5 points
Sunday, Oct. 12, National Capitol KC, BOB, Judge Joan Kefeli, 4 points

To make it even more special, on Saturday when Annie was BOW, her cousin Wolf was BOS, and her father Roskur and
grandmother Soley were both Select.  On Sunday, when Annie was BOB, her father Roskur was BOS.

Oct. 11,2014  Catonsville KC

Oct. 12,2014  National Capitol KC

9/6/2014 ProductsforPets CDSP Obedience Trial:
  • Truffle got 195 in Open C, First Place, and her 4th Q towards her Open Championship.
  • Annie got 3rd place in both her Novice C classes, with 198 and 193, for her 4th and 5th Q's towards her Novice Championship.
In Truffle's second Open class, I threw the dumbbell poorly, it bounced way off to the left, and Truff did not go out over the jump, she went directly to the dumbbell which was directly in her line of vision. She did come back over the jump, go figure. But her work was really good in the other exercises, and she was happy and engaged, which is great for her second trial, after being there almost 8 hours. Very good day with my smart girls, and lots of good friends and other smart dogs! Thanks to judges Sara Jacobs and Linda Ferrullo, both very nice to show under.

Truffle turned the tables on her daughter Annie, and beat her in both classes on 7/26/14 at Blue Ribbon Dog Sports Coaching LLC WCR Rally Trial in Andover, NJ. They are both working on their ARCH titles, and both got another double Q. And they got some placements in large classes, so I was very proud of them. Truffle got 209 (Fifth Place) in 1B and 207 (Fourth Place) in 2B. Annie got 208 in 1B and 207 (Fifth Place) in 2B. Perfect score in World Cynosport Rally is 210 because WCR has an optional 10-point bonus at the end of each course. Thanks to Linda Sperco Blue Ribbon Dog Sports for putting on the show, Linda and Sara Jacobs for judging.

Annie completed her AKC Rally Novice title at West Springfield, MA on 7/5/2014.  Since it was 4th of July weekend,  they had these nice red-white-and-blue new title rosettes.

Truffle and Annie and I had fun at Let's Speak Dog's World Cynosport Rally Trial 6/14/14. They are starting to work towards their ARCH. In Level 1B Annie got 208 and Fifth, and Truffle got 207. In Level 2B, Annie and Truffle both got 210, and Annie got First by time, and Truffle got Second by time.

My girls were so awesome on 5/31/14 at Products4Pets  CDSP trial at Golden Rule School for Dogs.

In Trial 1, Truffle was first in Open C (198),
and Annie won a runoff for 3rd in Novice C. In Trial 2, Truffle told me again that she doesn't do two trials, but at least she Q'd in Open C with 185.

In Trial 2, Annie lost a runoff for first in Novice C with 198.5, and then won the next runoff with the same dog, for High in Trial, first HIT I ever experienced.
Thanks to Barb Burri for her judging.

Rebbi completed his Rally Puppy Level title on 4/12/14
at PMDT, Washington, NJ with 2 209's and a 210,
all first places.

Truffle's CDX-C Certificate

Annie, 4th in Rally 2B, score 209
Versatile K9, Andover, NJ

Annie, First in Novice CDSP, 2nd leg
score 197.5, 4/6/14
Versatile K9, Andover, NJ

Annie's first two AKC points.  She got one more at Timonium on April 19, 2014
Handled by Travis Cramsey.

 World Cynosport (pronounced see-no-sport) RALLY Trial
 Let's Speak Dog, Nazareth, PA        March 8, 2014

Trial 1 Annie 1B - 1st place with 210
Trial 1 Annie 2B - 4th place with 207
Trial 1 Truffie 3A - 1st place with 209
Judge R. Hall

Trial 2 Rebbi - Puppy A - 1st place with 209
Trial 2 Annie 1B - 3rd place with 210
Trial 2 Annie 2B - 4th place with 204
Trial 2 Truffie 4A - 1st place with 202
Judge S. Jacobs

This was Rebbi's first trial.  Mert brought him down and took him home so he wouldn't have to stay all day.
His first run I NQ'd him because I misunderstood the rules about food.  It said you could use food at any time
for the Puppy class, and I didn't realize it had to be in your pocket and not your hand.  But his 2nd run
was even better and he got First.  A video of his run is on his page.

Truffle also finished her Rally Level 3 title (with all first places) but I forgot she already had a leg,
so I didn't get her ribbon.  I'll get it later.  So all mistakes were made by the human part of the team.

CDSP Trial, Let's Speak Dog, Nazareth, PA 2/15/14, Natalene Lamming, Judge
Annie went in Novice A for the first time, and got 2nd place with 196.
Truffle in Novice C got 3rd place with 196.5.
Truffle in Open A completed her CDX-C title with 3rd place, 194.

Annie, Truffle

Truffle with Judge Natalene Lamming

CDSP is a great venue to show in.  Here are some photos from both Novice and Open.

Waiting for Figure 8

Figure 8

Recall over jump


Running Broad Jump

Drop on Recall

Retrieve on the Flat

Retrieve over High

Half Ring Go Out

Waiting for handler on Half Ring Go Out

My good girl Truffle

Holding the wall so I don't lose my balance
returning to my dog.

  Annie - Lvl 2A, Score 209, 2nd place, Completed Lvl 2 Title.
12/28/13, Blue Ribbon Dog Sports, Sue Oakes, Judge

WCS Rally, Let's Speak Dog Trial 12/21/13
Truffle - Lvl 3A, Score 209, 1st place, 1st leg
Annie - Lvl 2A, Score 207, 1st place, 2nd leg

See videos below.

WCS Rally, 12/21/13, Truffle, Lvl 3A

I wish it were clearer, but I guess my phone video isn't that great.  At the end she veered off
crooked on the backup.  It was my fault, I took her too close to the wall, and she felt the
pressure of the wall behind her.

WCS Rally, 12/21/13, Annie, Lvl 2A

She lost three points because I gave a second cue to go over the jump,
she looked like she wasn't going over.

CDSP Obedience Trial, Let's Speak Dog,
Nazareth, PA, 10/9/13
Runestone Truffle, Open A, 1st Place,
score of 186.5, 2nd Open leg

Let's put the 4 NQ's so far in small print :-)
Annie, WCS Rally,  11/16/13
Lvl 1B, 2nd Place, 209
Lvl 2A, 1st Place, 210

CDSP Obedience Trial, Let's Speak Dog, Nazareth, PA, 4/6/13
Runestone Truffle, Open A, 2nd Place, score of 191.5, first Open leg

This was Truffle's first time in the Open ring. 

Auður’s Hera (Ginger) got some pretty ribbons completing her World Cynosport Rally Level 1 title yesterday
and qualified for the Award of Excellence for having all the title scores 190 or above. 
This was Life's Ruff k9, three trials in one evening in Andover, NJ.  The judge was Sara Jacobs.

Truffle and Annie, APDT Rally Trials at Let's Speak Dog, Nazareth, PA, 2/23/13
Truffle, Trial 1, Level 2A, Judge Renee Hall, score 210, 1st place, First leg
Truffle, Trial 2, Level 2A, Judge Linda Sperco, score 206, 1st place, Second leg
Annie, Trial 1, Level 1A, Judge Renee Hall, score 209, 1st place, Second leg
Annie, Trial 2, Level 1A, Judge Linda Sperco, score 210, 1st place, Third leg -- RL1 Title and Award of Excellence


APDT Rally, Blue Ribbon Dog Sports, 12/22/12, Andover, NJ
Ginger, Level 1A, Judge Christina Turner, score 209, 1st place, First leg

CDSP Obedience Trial, Let's Speak Dog, Nazareth, PA, 12/8/13

Truffle, Trial 1, Novice C, Judge Renee Hall, score 191 ½, 4th place, 4nd Leg
Truffle, Trial 2, Novice C, Judge Sara Jacobs, score 192, 5th Leg

APDT Rally, It's Magic Canine, Andover, NJ, 10/27/12
Truffle, Trial 1, Level 1A, Judge Christina Turner, score 199, 2nd place, 3rd Leg and RL1 Title with Award of Excellence
Trial 2, Level 1A, Judge Christina Turner, score 203, 4th Leg

Truffle's second leg in APDT Level 1A:

10/7/12:  Life's Ruff, Andover, NJ, Judge Annette Murphy-Wales, score 199, second leg

APDT Rally, Let's Speak Dog, 9/22/12
Truffle, Level 1A, Judge Renee Hall, score 205, 3rd place, First Leg
Annie, Level 1A, Judge Renee Hall, score 206, 2nd place, 1st Leg

Truffle's CDSP Novice Title

Positive Motivation Dog Training, Washington, NJ, 5/5/2012, Trial 1, Novice B, score 189.5. 
Trial 2, Judge Renee Hall,  don't know score but it was low, Qualified, Leg 2
Let's Speak Dog, 8/18/12, Nazareth, PA, Judge Natalene Lamming, 193.5.  Third Leg, CD-C Title

For Truffle's AKC Rally history, see her webpage.

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