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Steamship Champion, on which Peleg and Pardon Brown sailed from New York to Panama in 1861.  

Type iron-hulled side wheel steamer, USA
Built 1859, Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Specs 234 x 31 feet, 1419 gross tons, 55 passengers and crew
Sunk Friday, November 7, 1879, collision with sailing ship Lady Octavia, 28 casualties.

Click here for an interesting overview of the Panama Isthmus trip and the first steamship on that route, California, built by William H. Webb. 

William H. Webb was the son of Sally Webb's cousin, therefore the 2nd cousin of William Henry Holly.  William Henry Holly worked as a ship carpenter in Brooklyn for a number of years in the 1840's until the early 1850's, and supposedly sailed to the Orient.  We wonder if his apprenticeship was arranged through the connections with William H. Webb's father.