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Born 9/19/11.  Truffle x Roskur Litter.  Due to family circumstances, the first owners were not able to keep Anja, so we took her back.  She is such a sweetheart, we decided to keep her.

We discovered that she is a terrific working dog, a real workaholic.  She has great ball and tug drive.  She is very interested to greet people, and neutral about other dogs.  She tends to guard things she values, such as my training bag or treat containers.  She earned her AKC Championship in the fall of 2014, and has also participated and earned titles in AKC Rally and Obedience, CDSP Obedience and WCRL Rally.

AKC:  DN31707005
CDSP:  1850
WCS:  808600

CERF:  All annual CERF's clear.

See Annie's show results here.
January and March 2015:

Annie and her mother Truffle

Annie and her half brother Rebbi

Annie finished her AKC Championship the weekend of Oct 10-12, 2014.  See the
Show Results page for details.  Just to show how "wash and wear" the breed is, the only grooming for these
shows was nail trimming,  trimming up the hair under her feet, and giving her a bath.  I did wipe her feet off with a
washrag before the shows and brush her off, because she had been playing at Icetoberfest in the ballfield
the day before. I love having a breed that is shown naturally.

Annie's debut in the AKC breed ring, March 2014, first 2 points:

For Annie's WCR and CDSP shows, see the Show Results page

At IcetoberFest 2013 in Woodbine, MD, Annie won BOB in the
conformation match.  The champions weren't entered, but
there were quite a few dogs.  Yay, Annie!
No, I didn't show her in that collar and tags :-)

Thank you to Dr. Scott Kellogg, Judge, for her ribbon.  Dr. Kellogg
is an AKC judge for a number of terrier and herding breeds
and has judged at Westminster.

It was a drizzly day, but we all had a wonderful time.  Jenifer
Brimmer took these photos and hundreds of others.

Annie gaiting in the OctoberFest Match, October, 2013.  Photo by Jenifer Brimmer.

Most of the group at OctoberFest, 2013

Two years old in Sept 2013

  • Some pictures of Annie having a great time, taken by Elaine Mozur, June 2013.

Since Annie lives with us, she has pictures elsewhere on the website.  But here are a couple from early 2013:

Annie (left) with her mommy, Truffle (right)

9/22/12:  Three days after her first birthday, Annie went in her first Rally trial.  I haven't practiced Rally with her,
although she has learned many of the movements.  She got a 206 (APDT Novice) and beat her mother by
one point.  She was in a runoff for First Place, and she had it, but then I goofed and didn't notice that the
runoff had a finish sign, and I left the ring without passing the finish.  I am constantly losing my dogs some
points!  So she got Second place in her first trial!  Yay, Annie.

Click for a larger picture.

Mommy and daughter

Nothing to do on a rainy day -- Truffle, Annie, and Ginger

Here are a few pictures of Annie at six months.  She has a lovely sweet temperament, and gets along nicely with the other dogs.

Anja with Mert and her Mommy.  She is affectionate to all but seems to especially like Mert and her
first owners said she was very fond of the husband.

Annie about five months, with Oriana (Shiba Inu) at her first home in Massachusetts.


Anja at 3 and a half months

Anja and Oriana at the beach

11 Weeks

This video focuses on Anja, a little over eight weeks old.

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