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Stonecrop Emma, CGC

Born 9/19/11, Truffle X Roskur litter.  Lives in Highland Park, NJ with Susan and Evan.

Emma earned her Excellent Jumpers with Weaves
agility title in June, 2016, with 3 first place ribbons!

Now she is working on Masters, and also on
her Standard title.

In April 2016, Emma earned her AKC Open Jumpers with Weaves agility title, with a first place ribbon on her title run:

Emma started her agility career with a bang, qualifying and placing in both trials!  We are so proud of her!   March 2015.

Emma's first agility weekend, Run 1:

Emma's first agility weekend, Run 2:

Evan's gallery had a show with work from a painter who specializes in landscapes.... and dog portraits.  So in honor of her third birthday, Emma sat for an official portrait.

Here is a photo of Emma standing at her favorite perch at the gallery window, watching life go by, next to her portrait! You can see Evan the photographer on the street outside reflected in the window too.
Emma in early summer, 2014, practicing agility.  It was a long sequence for her to put together, and you can see the places where Susan had to bring her back on task.  I love the roll in the shade at the end.  It is just so impressive to see her progress!

In March 2014, Stonecrop Emma earned her Canine Good Citizen title.  Susan wrote, "As it turns out I didn't even realize it was "test day," which is probably a good thing--not much opportunity to get nervous about it.  With the terrible weather, we had a bunch of cancelled classes and make-ups and I lost track of the dates, so I was surprised to arrive and learn that we were "on"!

Emma did pretty well on everything but the meeting a person with a dog component.  She was about to dash over to the other dog (which was not one she had met before), but I was able to get her attention back on me and have her sit quickly enough to allow us to pass (if just barely!).

Unfortunately her new status doesn't seem to mean that she will always be a good citizen from now on!  Unless I am *really* on top of things, her excitement to be miss social butterfly usually gets the best of her!"

I think that sounds perfectly normal and just like an Icie.  Her mother Truffle has had quite a bit of training and lots of titles after her name, but she is certainly not always a model citizen according to human ideas.  But she has her own ideas, and I'm sure Emma does too.
Emma running a practice agility course.  What a great job they
are doing, I just love seeing them.

Emma enjoying the snow with a buddy, January 2014

Spring pictures from Emma.  Now that the weather is nice, she is back to
practicing Agility.  We hope to see some agility photos in the future!

Emma has earned her AKC CA lure coursing title.  She is awaiting her rosette in the
mail.  Susan says Emma is crazy to run, and Susan has to hold her back until her turn comes.

Happy Halloween from Emma!

Pictures from Aug 2 visit with Emma -- we took Truffle and Annie. 
In some pictures it is hard to tell them all apart.  Annie has the longest fur and the darkest muzzle.
Of course from behind it's hard to say!

Elegant Emma

Do I know you?


Annie, Emma

Silly Emma

Annie and Truffle

Side view of Emma -- she has a shorter coat than Annie and
Thorvi.    I think her coat will be like Truff's when her adult coat fills in.
She's a little sparse around the sides where she was
shaved for spaying.

Truffle, Emma, Annie -- it was hot at the dog park!

July 11, 2012
Susan and Evan took Emma to a dog beach.  Can you imagine living near such a place!  Emma is 9 and a half months here.

On the way home she was the perfect Icie, relaxed and worn out! 

Susan and Evan discovered that Emma loves lure coursing and are lucky to have a group that does this nearby.  Susan says that Emma has been called a natural at it.  I'm not surprised to hear it -- Icies love chasing things at full speed.  Here are a couple shots of Emma in full chase.  You can't see her too well, but you can tell she is 100% engaged.

Here they were hoping that the Lab would get the idea by following Emma's lead, but it didn't work.

Here is a closeup of above:

They are doing obedience training with a local trainer and may take advantage of her agility lessons also.
These activities will be great for her mentally and physically.  I would like to use the picture above for an Icie poster, and the caption would
be "It's hard to keep up with an Icie!"

Around 6 months, enjoying a hike in the early spring

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