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Stonecrop Fríða, CGC

Born 9/19/11, Truffle X Roskur litter.  Fríða lives in Bucks County, PA, with Mike and Susan, on a farm with horses and cats and 10 acres so she can get lots of exercise! 
Summer 2015:

March 2015:  This lovely girl looks so much like her mother.

Some herding photos, April 2014:

Now what, Mom?


Hmmm, these are a little different

Fríða enjoying the snow, January 2014

Fríða and Rebbi playing

Here are some of the pictures that Mike took at IcetoberFest 2013 in Woodbine, MD.

Jeanne Pitz and Thorvi (2nd dog from left)
Holly and Mert with Annie, Truffle and Kappi,
and Susan Stoloff with Fríða

The dog between Mert and Holly is Loren Dribinsky's Luke,
a beautiful boy from the Boston area.

Side view of the lineup.  Closest to the camera
you can see some of Debbie Dull and Stu Marsh's dogs.

The Stonecrop bunch

They had to be on leash during the conformation
match, so they wouldn't wander into the ring.  Look how
similar they are!  I tell them apart by their leash color
or their owners clothing :-)

Mike, Mert and Jeanne with
Fríða, Annie, Truffle, and Thorvi

Fríða at two years old:

May 2013.  Fríða is learning herding.  Click here for her Herding Page.

Fríða at dog training class

l. to r., Truffle, Annie, Fríða

10/21/12: Perfect fall weather, and a trip to Bucks County, PA, to visit Fríða.
 I wish I had gotten more decent pictures than I did. But I did get some video, below the photos.

Fríða on vacation in Maine, September 2012

Poor Susan is on crutches for most of the summer due to foot surgery! 
She says that Fríða is handling the lower activity level surprisingly well, but it's
probably a challenge for them both.  Here are some current photos:

Frida at 6 months

At about 14 weeks:

11 weeks.  Susan says she is active, fast and determined, and is trying to develop a bad habit of chasing cats.

10 weeks -- Someone's been having a good hike!

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