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Stonecrop Sæla
Born 19 Sep 2011, from the Truffle - Roskur litter.  Lives in Columbus, OH, with big brother Auli.
Christmas 2015


March 2015 Saela and Auli using up a little energy:

Sæla on her third birthday

Sæla on her second birthday:

A couple pictures from Spring 2013:

Some December 2012 pictures of Saela and Auli and their little boy.

Saela is like Truffle, she isn't happy until she connects with the face!

Halloween, 2012

Cute picture of Sæla, Oct 2012, looking like her mommy.

Sæla's one-year birthday

Sæla at the beach, age one year.

Sæla and Auli, August 2012

New baby!!

Saela and Auli at Auli's birthday party:

Saela and Auli with their visiting friend Wellie

Playing with Auli

Looks like someone was playing in the hose...

Saela is the one who takes after Truffle the most.

Sæla at 5 months

She looks so much like her Mommy!

Pictures from January 2012

Christmas holiday update:  "She's doing great, and is such a sweetheart, but also has a wild side and loves to play. I really don't know what we'd do if we didn't have Auli to keep her busy and help burn off some energy. They play really well, but she loves to attack him when he's just playing by himself...."

Saela bothering her big brother Auli

At the beach

11 weeks:   Alison says, "She is SO social and affectionate, and our next door neighbor has dubbed her and Auli the welcoming committee because they love to run over and see him when he gets home. Saela practically can't walk by anyone on the street without greeting them (even when they're on the other side of the street). She just loves everyone, and it's contagious."

Saela with Auli

Some 9 week pictures in her new home

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