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Stonecrop Thorvald Karamellu
Born 9/19/11, Truffle X Roskur litter.  Thorvald lives near Lancaster, PA, with Jim and Jeanne. 

Spring, 2016

Christmas 2015

Thorvi's 4th birthday

Thorvi 4 years old

Thorvi and Rebbi passed their Herding Instinct Tests on 4/11/15 at Raspberry Ridge Sheep Farm. 

Thorvi hanging out

For his birthday, Jeanne says that Thorvi got a "FREE Rita's vanilla custard with the dog biscuit poked in the top...He finished it and was looking pointedly at the one Jim and I were finishing up, mixed with mango ice, and Jim gave him a taste on his spoon (I hoped no one was looking--) and an older lady employee saw him do that, and came out with another one!  We said no, he HAD had one, given to him by the young lady employee, so the second lady said, Well, he's seen this one, I can't take it back, and she put it down and Thorvi thought he had surely gone to heaven.  That dog was pretty happy...

Thorvi, summer 2014

What a handsome dude!

Getting a good brushing out!
Another snow lover - Jan. 2014

Thorvi enjoying his breakfast and a good book.

At IcetoberFest, October, 2013, we had three of the five puppies from Truffle's first litter,
as well as Truffle and the sire of the litter, Roskur.  It was so much fun to
see them together.  I'm so glad Jim got these photos of the family reunion.
Thorvi (left) with his daddy Roskur (rt)

Thorvi and Roskur

Thorvi doing the Rally course

Third Place in Open Dogs in the Fun Match

Fríða, Annie, Truffle and Thorvi

Fríða, Annie, Truffle and Thorvi
Jeanne and Thorvi, Susan and Roskur, Holly with
Truffle and Annie, and Susan with Fríða

This one caught Jeanne and me with funny expressions!
There were about 40 dogs at the gathering, and they ran around together most
of the day.  It was wonderful to watch them enjoying themselves.  Sometimes we had
trouble figuring out who was who.  That may be Thorvi, 3rd from left, and the puppy
on the left is Rebbi from Truffle's second litter.

Part of the group at IcetoberFest, with Jeanne, Holly, Mert and Susan towards the right,
and Susan and Frank Hartman with Soley and Roskur all the way to the right.

Is he waiting for his birthday cake?
Thorvi, age 2

End of a long day:

Thorvi, early spring 2013

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Thorvald, one year, September 2012

Thorvi in the Conestoga River, August 2012.  Handsome, happy boy!

Smiling?  (Annie smiles)  Making faces at a sea monster?

Photos from our May 2012 visit with Thorvald.  We took Truffle and Annie.  Puppies are 8 months old. 
Thorvald has the orange collar, Annie has the blue one.

Almost too big to be Mommy's baby.  Well, they're never too big for that, but they may be too big to put over your shoulder!

Mommy and son

Mert was trying to figure out how he could sneak him into the car and take him home...

The handsome fellow.

Resting after a tennis ball game.  Annie left, Thorvald right.

Can you tell which is which?

Thorvi on the left, Annie on the right.

Time for treats.

Holly and Thorvald

Time to go home.

Six months pictures

Here's Thorvald a little over 4 months, looking for the cat under the couch.


Sitting for his photograph:

With one of his favorite gloves:

In motion:

Making a mess, I mean, getting all cleaned up:

Whew, long day!

Thorvald got to spend Christmas at the beach in North Carolina.


11 Weeks

About 10 weeks

Eight Weeks

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