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Week 2 Photos

The puppies are growing apace, weighing about 26-28 oz. today, except for Little Boy (Puppy 3), who is a few ounces less.  They can walk...more or less.  They can get up on all fours and take some steps, but they will very likely topple over if they come to a fold in the blanket. 

Several have their eyes open.  Do they see anything?  No one knows what goes on it those little heads at this time!  They still mostly eat and sleep, with a little aimless cruising around the whelping box.  We have a bigger pen waiting for them, but they aren't quite ready to take advantage of it.

Truffle is eating about three times her normal food, and I will probably go up some more.  She is passing it all on to the puppies.




Mommy deserves a break!

Click here for  individual shots of each puppy


Starting to walk -- I didn't get very good pictures of this.



This looks like an advertisement for Durawhelp boxes!


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