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Week 3.5 Photos

I sat down with the puppies and for some reason I just couldn't get any good pictures.  For one thing they were swarming all over me.  Then I had the idea to try to get individual side shots, and the puppies didn't like that idea!  Then I just started snapping at random on the theory that I would catch some good poses, but that turned out to be an unsound theory.  So I will post a few, and try again later!

Tails are up as of about yesterday, and all have teeth now, as of the last three days or so.

Pups do not have names yet because some of the families are naming their dogs, but it is too early for me to decide which puppy goes where.  So I call them Miss Goggles and Miss Pink Nose and Last Girl and etc.

This is the last-born girl.

They didn't like the potty area at first because they couldn't get traction on the paper.  But that was yesterday, today they can do it.  But they still aren't clear what they are supposed to be doing there.

The boy -- he looks a bit scraggly, but at least he stood there for a second!

The first girl - after these two, the rest of the pictures are so terrible they insult the puppies.  Maybe I need to wait a week to try this.

First Girl looking very cute.

I love how they stretch their legs straight out behind them.  First girl and last girl.

Dark Girl hamming it up.  She isn't really dark, I just call her that because she doesn't have any white markings on her topside.


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