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Week 4 Additional shots

Here are some pictures of the last-born girl, little redhead.  She seems to be the quietest of the bunch, a little reflective at times, although playful and sweet and friendly also.  But not always in the middle of the rough-housing.  She's a very feminine girl.

Once upon a time there was a sweet little redhead

who trained her people to say "Awww, look how cute!"

She trained them with positive reinforcement, she just struck cute poses

and since her people were very smart, it was easy to train them.

The End.

Boy puppy and Redhead.  The boy is a few days behind the girls, but he is coming along. 
Gaining weight and skills all the time.

Truffie doesn't lie down for them much any more.  But they seem to nurse pretty efficiently this way. 
Maybe they claw her less because they sort of have to use their front paws to balance.

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