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Miscellaneous, almost 5 weeks

I can't get over how fast the puppies move from one stage into another.  You just get a system for dealing with them, and they are in a new stage and you need a new system.  They started in the whelping box in the guest room upstairs, with me sleeping next to them.  Then they started to act like they would escape from the whelping box, so we moved them, whelping box and all, to our office/computer room (what was my daughter's room years ago) upstairs, where I could put an ex-pen around the box.  They shortly the whelping box took up too much room and I exchanged it for a crate.  Then by 4.5 weeks, I began to worry they could get out over the short gate that Truffy could jump in, and fall off the balcony, so we moved them downstairs to a bigger pen. So now they are in the thick of it, not that our household is very exciting, but there is the normal coming and going, and the other dogs can interact with them.  And we set up a big pen outside for them, and below you can see my puppy wagon to deal with getting them out there in one trip.

New accomodations downstairs -- furniture moved out of living room.

They have two crates in the pen so they continue to be used to crates.  But they usually choose to sleep behind them on the floor.


Puppy wagon to take them all at once to the outdoor pen.

Yours truly taking the puppies out.

Further attempt to reduce indoor bathroom activities.

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