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6 week Halloween pictures

They won't be six weeks for a few days but close enough.   Let's see, what's happening this week?  Started introducing kibble, so they won't turn up their noses when they go to their new homes.  Started letting them wear a collar for short periods supervised (they want to strangle each other with them).  Let Ginger play with them.  And today they went out in the early snow we are having.  I will put the video on a separate page.

I tried three containers for the Halloween pictures before I found one they would stay in long enough to snap the pictures.

Miss Goggles, Puppy 1.  38 day weight: 4 lb. 14 oz.

Miss Pink, who used to be Pink Nose but now her nose is mostly black.  Puppy 2. At 38 days, she weighed 4 lb. 15 oz.

Boy, Puppy 3.  At 38 days, he weighed 3 lb. 14 oz.  He is about as wide as he is tall, he is like a little Tonka truck.

Dark Girl, Puppy 4, who weighed in at a hefty 5 lb. 5 oz. 2 days ago. 

Someone's ears are starting to stand!  Girl 5, Redhead. All the girls have reddish heads, but on this one it comes more around the face also.  She has slightly less black sabling over her coat.

Miss Goggles at 12 noon, around to Redhead at 2 oclock, Boy at 4, Dark Girl in the middle and Miss Pink on the left.

I think this is Miss Pink.

They love their crates.  They are not bright inside like this, it's just from the flash.

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