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Week 2 Photos
Three of the puppies are spoken for, but it is too early to make decisions about which puppy each family will have.  The new puppy families are choosing an Icelandic name to use with our kennel name, Stonecrop.  Since we won't know for a few weeks which puppy is going to which home, we haven't given them their names yet.  So we call them Pink Nose and Boy Puppy and Dark Girl, and mostly just Puppy. 

First Girl, Puppy 1, Girl with white spot over shoulder blades and single dews.


Pink Nose, Puppy 2, Girl with white on right side of neck


The only boy.  Puppy 3.  Big white spot on left side of neck.  Boy puppy was the smallest at birth,
and is still the smallest, weighing in at 22.8 oz. on day 13.

Dark Girl, Puppy 4, no white on back.  She's trying to win cute puppy of the week.

Last Girl, Puppy 5, small white spot at back of head.  Double dews.

Trying to leave the scene of the crime:

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