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Truffle - Lagsi Litter  June 2013

Stonecrop Blossi
Gryphon is living in Portland, OR, with Liz and Richard and two cats. 

Gryphon enjoying the holidays at Whidbey Island, winter of 2105-16

Enjoying the snow in Portland, OR

Merry Christmas from Gryphon, 2015

Gryphon's summer vacation in Idaho - 2015

Gryphon Two Years Old

Gryphon playing with his friend, Spring 2015

Video of Gryphon's Tricks, Spring 2015

Some photos in the life of Gryphon, Winter 2015

Photos of Gryphon from Fall 2014

Gryphon at about one year old:

OK, what's on the agenda today?

Always a happy boy

My favorite - fresh dirt!

Whadd'ya mean I shouldn't dig?

I think I hear a bird!

Aha, you can't fool me!

Glamour shot

A well-earned break

Yes, everybody loves me

Until next time

Some fun pictures of Gryphon at eight months:

Snow in Portland!



Gryphon at 7 months:

Here I come, Mom!

Handsome boy!

Playing at the dog park

December 2013 photos of Gryphon.  Liz writes, "He's still keeping us very busy with his creative mind for mischief,
but he is also just so full of love and so eager to please. We are so happy with this silly boy!"

Some October photos of Gryphon

Gryphon went to play with his aunt Godiva and his uncle Roskur. 
Godiva is Truffle's litter sister, and Roskur is Truffle's half sister -- same mother, different father.
Godiva is the darker sable.

Three months old:

Ten weeks old:

Primary responsibility:  being cute.  A+

Learning to walk on the leash

New friends:

End of a long day:

August 2013 -- in his new home




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