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Truffle - Lagsi Litter  June 2013

Day Nine Candid Shots
Photos by Elaine Mozur.






Boy 1:  Stonecrop Blossi
means "blaze" or "flame"
rhymes with bossy, with a short o

Blossi has a "Tinni spot" on the top of his head, so-called after an early ISD, Íslands Garða Tinni, who had such a spot.
Blossi's rear dew claws are one double, one single.



Boy 2:  Stonecrop Gosi
means "jack" in the pack of cards
rhymes with bossy
Gaw-see, not Go-see.  Short o.

Gosi has one white cheek, one tan cheek.
He has single rear dew claws.





Boy 3:  Stonecrop Kappi
means "hero" or "champion"

sounds like "copy"

Kappi has a long diamond-shaped neck blaze on a copper-colored
coat, and double rear dew claws.




Boy 4:  Stonecrop Seppi
colloquial word for dog.  "Doggie", "pooch"

Seppi looks the most like his father in markings, but is darker.  He has one double,
one single rear dew claws.



Girl 1:  Stonecrop Lukka
means "luck"
pronounced "luke-a"

Lukka has a blaze marking on the back of her head which looks like a
jigsaw puzzle piece.  She already seems quite lively.   She has one double dew claw,
one single dew claw in the rear.




Girl 2:  Stonecrop Edda
means "great-grand-mother"
and is the name of one of the Icelandic sagas.
Pronounced Ed-uh, short e, and in Icelandic the d's sound almost like t's.

Edda has tan eye patches and a white collar.  She has rear double dew claws.

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