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Truffle - Lagsi Litter  June 2013

Stonecrop Gosi
Gosi (call name Joey) is living in Long Island with a super
dog-loving family.  Melissa has made several trips to Iceland
and is a fan of things Icelandic.  Joey brings a little
bit of Iceland to their home.
Spring 2016

Good morning!

Dangerous attack Icie.
Summer 2015

Summer 2015

Joey thinks he is going too.....

Lazy boy -- summer 2015

It's a rough life.  Summer 2015


Summer 2015

IQ Test!

 Winter 2014-5 videos:

Who could resist that face!

Oh boy, do we have to do this?

Some summer 2014 pictures of Joey

Joey in slow motion

Happy Birthday, Joey, one year old:


This dog is so smart, and Melissa has figured out how to channel his energy!

Playing ball:

Very interesting how the color is on his ears.

Melissa writes that Joey is earning his keep:

Joey at 8 months -- helping with the laundry:

He has learned to wait at the door until his line is attached:

Joey is a star about running into his crate !

Joey, 6 months old, having breakfast.  Very funny.

Joey, 6 months old, loving the snow.
Joey at about 5 months.  He knows how to ring the bell to go outside.

He loves to try to catch the raindrops.

Joey carrying the water bottles in his new backpack!

Happy boy!

Fall Walk, 4 months

It's a hot day, but don't worry, I know how to deal with that!

He's serious about his sleep time:

It's a tough life, but he's up to the challenge.

Kids!  Just what he wanted.

Guess what, I'm going home today!   

His new family:



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