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Truffle - Lagsi Litter  June 2013

Stonecrop Rebbi
Rebbi lives here at Stonecrop.  His name means little fox in Icelandic.  He was originally Kappi in the litter, but we changed his name.

AKC:  DN37152505
World Cynosport 811705

Rebbi got his first WCRL Rally Level 1 leg 4/23/16, at Products4Pets trial, with first place, score of 210, judge Amee Abel.
Rebbi finished his WCRL Level 1 Rally title 5/7/16
at Let's Speak Dog, with two firsts, 208 and 210,
judges Joan Klinger and Renee Hall.

Rebbi earned his ATBA Herding Instinct Title at Raspberry Ridge Sheep Farm on April 11. 2015.  Here is a video of some of his test:

January 2015

Rebbi and his half-sister Annie

Rebbi was in his first trial on March 8, 2014.  It was World Cynosport Rally and he entered the Puppy level, which is for puppies 6 mos to one year.  He did a lovely job, I was very proud of my happy boy.  Here is a video of one of his runs:

Rebbi - about 7 months

New Year Pictures:  Rebbi at 6 months

Snow Pictures:  Rebbi in December 2013

Kappi at IcetoberFest 2013.  Photo Jenifer Brimmer

Kappi at IcetoberFest 2013.  Photo Jenifer Brimmer

IcetoberFest 2013 -- Stonecrop Dogs
Jeanne Pitz with Thorvi, Holly with Annie and Truffle (that's Loren's Luke between Holly and Mert),
Mert with Kappi, and Susan Stoloff with Frida

Kappi and Annie, photo by Elaine Mozur

Kappi, photo by Elaine



Kappi and Sammy


For younger pictures, see the litter pictures.


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