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Second Week Videos
Truffle Lagsi Litter, June 2013

Life in the whelping box, 8 and 9 days old.

Nine days old:

Day 10:  It's been very hot here and the whelping box is upstairs in the guest room, no AC.  Even with a fan, Truffie gets very hot with the puppies all over her.

Truffie cleaning up her puppies.  10 days old.

Days 10-11.  It was too hot in this room where the whelping box was, and the weather got hotter as the week went on.  By Thursday, July 4, day 12, we moved the puppies to our bedroom which has AC.  These pictures are still in the hot room.  They are more comfortable now after the move.  They were restless in these videos because they weren't comfortable in the heat.  They are Icelandic Sheepdogs, after all!

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