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Fourth Week Videos
Truffle Lagsi Litter, June 2013
The puppies are starting to play with each other, and starting to spend more time awake, although they love to nap also.  Teeth have started to come in, oh joy.  And Truffle is starting to let me clean up some of the poops -- sharing the workload.  She already nurses them standing up sometimes.  During the day she is in and out of their pen.  But she is with them all night, when they get in some leisurely nursing.

Breakfast time, 22 days old:

Nursing, 22 days old:

23 Days Old:

Day 24, Nap Time:

More 24 days old:

And some more from the same day:

Friday, 7/19:  Added three more videos from Friday, Day 27.  They are playing more as every day goes by.

More Day 27:

And more Day 27:

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