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Puppies Go Outside Videos
Truffle Lagsi Litter, June 2013
The puppies are in their fifth week.  This is their first day outside.  Now they will be outside quite a bit, which they love, and it reduces my laundry loads too.

More of the puppies enjoying the yard:

Kappi and Seppi:

These are the two boys who have double dew claws, which is one of the characteristic traits of the Icelandic Sheepdog.  Dew claw inheritance is not well understood, and even though both parents have double dew claws (as in this breeding) that is no guarantee that all the puppies will.  But we as breeders do need to make an effort to keep this characteristic in the breed. 

This breeding was for the purpose of bringing some less common bloodlines to the US.  Lagsi's father, Icetops Samur, did not have descendants in the US, and also Lagsi brings genes from a different "O" line dog, Skessu Salka, to the US.

In order for this breeding to benefit the US gene pool, some of these puppies need to be bred, and on down the line, to get these genes spread into the population. 

I would like these two boys to be kept intact, at least until they get their full development and are old enough to have their health testing, and to see if they are worthy of breeding.  Maintaining a stud dog is one of the ways an Icie owner can contribute to the breed.

Annie, Truffle's puppy from her first litter, who will be 2 years old in September, playing with the puppies:






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