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Annie - Vikingur Litter  August 2013

Birth Week
6 puppies were born on 8/23/2015.  3 boys, 3 girls.  Annie is taking it in stride, she is a vigilant but relaxed mommy.  Birth weights ranged from 7.2 oz. to 9.7 oz. Five of the puppies have rear double dew claws, one girl has singles.  All are some shade of tan sable, some are more reddish and some have a greyish tint at this age.  It will be fun to see what color they change to.

8/23 - 8/26/15:

Boy, Girl, Boy
The greyish-tan siblings

Girl, Boy, Girl
The reddish-tan siblings

Annie resting up after a tiring night.

Various sable shades

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