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Annie - Vikingur Litter  August 2013

Here are 6 new personalities, who will bring love and excitement to the lives of their families for the next 15 or so years.  Each one will be unique and special.  We don't know yet what they will be like, but we can be sure that they will charm and surprise us.

I will add pictures as the week goes by so that we can see each puppy.  All puppies have double dews except Girl #1, who has singles.
# 1, Girl,  temporarily Betty Jane
Birth weight 9.4 oz

# 2, Boy, temporarily Laddie
Birth weight 8.7 oz


# 3, Girl, temporarily Florrie
Birth weight 8.8 oz

# 4, Girl, temporarily Missy
Birth weight 9.7 oz

# 5, Boy, temporarily Morse
Birth weight 8.0 oz

# 6, Boy, temporarily Euclid
Birth weight 7.25 oz

For comparison, here is Annie when she was one day old.  Bear in mind it was taken with a different camera, in different lighting.

And here is a photo of Vikingur as a little puppy.  I don't know his age here.

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