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Third Week Videos
Annie x Vikingur Litter, August 2015
Day 21:  In the last day or so, the puppies are starting to play with each other.  I added something new in the pen, a little dog bed.

The puppies in their new arrangement.  I took the whelping box down and packed it away, and substituted a litter pan with pine pellet horse bedding in its place.  Now I start the effort to get them in there as often as possible and hopefully by 6 weeks or so, they will consciously go there to use it.  We shall see :-)

This arrangement will last about 10 days, and then they will be moved to a pen in the living room where they will live (in addition to a pen outside in nice weather) until they go to their new homes.

Last evening in the whelping box. 

Settling down after nursing.  For some reason, Jane was fussing a lot.  Soon they will be eating, and when they are ready to eat they fuss, and she is the biggest, so maybe that was it, or a little tummyache.  Anyway, they all snoozed off shortly after this.
16 days old, a few minutes of life in the whelping box.

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