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Annie - Vikingur Litter  August 2015

Week 3
This week will bring lots of changes.  Eyes will all become open.  Ears will open.  By the end of the week they may be lapping food, we'll see.  Soon we will need a litter box.  The puppies already move away from where they are lying when they have to poop.

Laddie -- it is hard to see but he is actually scratching his ear --
I have seen a few of them start to do some "big dog" actions.  Very cute.




As of Day 16, the whelping box is history, replaced with a great symbol of optimism, the litter box.
The little convicts in their new pen
They are fine with it.  Annie isn't so sure.  I don't think she likes change.
And of course, right away they are sleeping in the litter box.

All six

For some reason they love to rest their heads
on the pig rail.

Missy looking like a beached whale

I think this is Missy, not sure.

The Bobbsey Twins -- Florrie and Laddie



Jane, Euclid

I think this is Florrie


Missy squashing somebody

Missy and Jane

Missy and Euclid, Jane in back


A good method!

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