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We are very excited about our Truffle - Lagsi puppies born June 23, 2013.
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Individual Pages:
Blossi (Gryphon)
Gosi (Joey)
Edda (Nova)
Kappi (Rebbi)

Scroll below for details on the breeding and pedigree.

Litter Photo Pages:

Birth Week

Sire:   Lagsi frá Olafsfjördur
N.H.S.B. 2586090
"A" Hips, Hind Double Dews

 Dam:  Runestone Truffle CGC, TDI, AKC RE, CD-C
DN19286601, Hips OFA Good, Hind Double Dews

Puppies will be AKC registered.

This will be a breeding of frozen semen by surgical implantation. 
Lagsi's DNA is registered with the AKC, DNA Profile # V672313.


Picture Pedigree of Truffle X Lagsi projected litter

This is an opportunity to bring the Icetops Samur line to the United States. 

Also, for breeders interested in the "O" line,
Lagsi descends from Skessu Salka, a litter sister of Skessu Skolli:

Visit the fra Olafsfjördur website to see more pictures of Lagsi and his mother Töfra Ljósbrá Lotta,
and also see the page for Lagsi's litter with links to pictures of his siblings.

See Lagsi and Theo in agility here.  In 2011 they took 3rd at the FHN Dutch Championship.

There are many other pictures on the Fotoalbums page of their website.

Lagsi's father Icetops Samur

Link to more pictures of Samur on Westmanna website

Lagsi's mother Töfra Ljósbrá Lotta
Age 10

More pictures on her webpage
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